Philippine Demonstration in Vienna, Austria in support of 43 detained health workers

IRC-Block International Information (Vienna, Austria):

On the 16 April in Vienna/Austria, the Philippine Committee organised a demonstration in support of Philippine people’s struggle, especially the 43 detained health workers.

The demonstration was supported by Internationalist Revolutionary Communist Block (IRK-Block), Migrante-Philippine, IA*RKP, RKJV, comrades from Iran and Afghanistan and others. It started with a rally in front of the Dutch embassy near Vienna Opera Square informing the people about the situation in the Philippines and the 43 detained health workers and demanding from the Dutch government a regular status as political refugees and full citizen rights for Prof. Joma Sison and the Philippine political refugees in the Netherlands. During the rally a large picture of Comrade Sison and a poster with the demands was posted at the building of the Dutch embassy.

In a longer statement IA*RKP informed about people’s struggle in the Philippines under the leadership of CPP and the advances of NPA in the recent months.

The demonstration marched through the the city centre of Vienna chanting slogans and distributing flyers informing about the demands and background. At the builidng of the Philippine embassy at Schwedenplatz was a second rally. There among others a speaker of Migrante-Philippine held a fiery speech mentioning the ever increasing brutalities of the US-Arroyo-puppet regime.