Appeal of Platform „Solidarity with the struggle of the Greek people’s masses“

We are sending our greetings to the workers and people’s masses in struggle in Greece. Your struggle against the intensified exploitation by the imperialist EU countries is totally justified and encourages also the other peoples of Europe. At present the aggressive EU block under the leadership of German imperialism tries to inforce the interest of the big banks and companies violently. In medium term the aim is the complete neo-colonial subjugation and tightened looting of the dependent countries in Southern and Eastern Europe.

The daily agitation in the mass media (with Austrian and German papers on the forefront) serves to pit the European peoples against each other. So they want to prevent that more and more workers recognize that not „the Greek“ (or „the Portugese“ etc.) are their enemies but the ruling capitalist class and their lackeys in all countries.

Still the defensive struggles in Greece (as well as in several countries of Europe) are mostly developing within the capitalist framework – as a result of the massive influence of the bourgeois trade unions and reformist and revisionist parties. But militant currents are developing under the leadership of revolutionary parties and organisations the struggles in the streets, at work-places, in neighbourhoods and in the educational sector, movements connecting the struggle against intensified exploitation with the struggle against the whole capitalist system.

The justified and militant struggle against the cutback of real wages including the struggle against the massive cutback of social achievements of the working class will be able to stop the current domestic attack of the imperialist EU block if the workers of each country mobilize against their own government – and at the same time build a European wide front of struggle.

Through Lisbon treaty the EU has been given such a structure that the attacks of monopoly capital are centrally organised and coordinated on European level whereas the wage-levels and social security systems must be fought for and achieved in each country separately by the respective working class. Therefore the militant and class conscious solidarity of the workers against EU imperialism must be built up. Right contrary to the baiting of the media alleging that „we“ had to pay for „the Greek“ in fact we workers and toilers in Austria – as well as the workers in Greece – are being exploited to increase the profits of banks and companies even during the crisis. Through taxes for the masses (earnings tax, VAT etc.), through higher and higher tariffs and fees, and less social spending and worse public service an ever increasing part of the public budget is spent on subsidising monopoly capitalist companies. In recent months we again and again heard about new looting plans that are coordinated EU-wide and it’s high time to organise not only defensive struggles but also discuss further going views – How can the struggles in all the countries be strengthened and coordinated? How can an EU-wide counter offensive of the working class be initiated? How can EU be destroyed?

We are sending our militant greetings to the fighting workers in Greece and confirm our determination to make a contribution as big as possible also in Austria to the struggle against EU imperialism and for the seizure of power by the working class.

Solidarity with the struggle of the Greek working class and people’s masses!

Stop the offensive of the imperialist EU block against the working class in Europe!

The main enemy is in our own country – proletarian revolution is the solution!

Struggle against crisis means struggle agaist capitalism!

Rally in Vienna on Thu 27 May 2010, 4 – 5 p.m. at the embassy of Greece

(1040 Argentinierstraße 14)

Rally in Linz on Fri 28 May, 3 – 6 p.m. at Volksgarten

Platform „Solidarity with the struggle of the Greek people’s masses“,  1070 Wien, Stiftgasse 8