1 May 2011 Declaration – English DOCUMENTATION

(see our critical remarks critical remarks)

People want revolution
Proletarians want the Party of the Revolution
Communists want internationalism and a new
  international organization

This year’s May Day comes at a time of unprecedented protests and uprisings all around the world. In the Arab world and Persian Gulf, the youth, the proletarians and the broad masses took to the streets and toppled or tried to topple, one after the other,  the dictatorial regimes subservient to imperialism.
  In the heart of the imperialist countries, working class struggles, general strikes,  rebellions of students and youth are opposing the policy of reactionary governments and the development of a modern fascism aimed at shifting the burden of the crisis on to the backs of the masses, bringing layoffs, job insecurity, intensification of  exploitation and attacks on education, health care and basic social services.
  Struggles and rebellions are ranging from China to the US, from Russia to Latin  America.  Particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq, imperialism, mainly U.S. imperialism, is  suffering blows that prevent it from realizing its plans of occupation, invasion and  geo-strategic control on important areas of the world. Its plans to sanctify Zionist  occupation in Palestine through sell-out leaders have been checked.
  People’s wars are the strategic reference for the proletarians and peoples of the world.  The people’s war in India successfully withstands unprecedented attacks by the  enemy and is able to expand and advance. The people’s war in Peru persists and  recuperates. The people’s war in the Philippines advances. In Turkey, revolutionary  struggles led by the Maoists advance along the people’s war strategy. In other  countries of South Asia it is being prepared, for initiations and new advances.
  In Nepal, 10 years of people’s war have created the conditions for the advancement  of Nepali revolution. This revolution is now at a complex crossroads and must be  supported against the counter-revolution waged by internal and external enemies as  well as against the reformists who try to undermine it from within.  

The protracted people’s war is necessary to defeat the enemy both in countries  oppressed by imperialism and the imperialist countries themselves, according their  own specificities.  It represents a new and sharpening phase of the class struggle that expresses the  revolutionary aspirations of the proletariat and the world peoples.
  All this indicates that the main contradiction at the world level is that between  imperialism and oppressed people, while the contradiction between the proletariat  and the bourgeoisie and as well as inter-imperialist contradictions are sharpening. In  the context of the spreading crisis, the revolution emerges more and more clearly as  being the main trend in the current world.
  The economic crisis of imperialism, far from being resolved, widens and deepens  according to the laws of uneven development and as a result of the contention on the  world market and the tendency towards a maximal extortion of surplus value. The  „financialization“ of the economy— the main immediate cause of the crisis — tends  to reject any control. The use of surpluses from China’s, India’s and Brazil’s  economies can’t ensure more than a temporary recovery, which opens the door to  new and even more distressing crisis.
  The struggling and uprising proletarians and popular masses demand the building of  revolutionary parties at the height of the current clash of classes; and that process of  organization is developing.
  We need communist parties based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism able to lead the  class struggle in all fields and aimed at seizing the political power without which it is  not possible for the proletarians to overthrow the capitalist and imperialist system.
  Maoist Communists strive to answer this need for a scientific and decided leadership  for the proletarian class struggle, by fighting all kinds of revisionist, reformist and  dogmatist deviations. Our class can rely on the huge amount of experience through  140 years of struggles and revolutions, from the birth of the Glorious Paris Commune  through the peaks of the October Revolution, the Chinese revolution and the Great  Proletarian Cultural Revolution. We must learn from both our victories and defeats,  as well as from our mistakes.
  Within that wave of struggles, uprisings and people’s wars, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist  communists should put proletarian internationalism into practice in order to unite  proletarian struggles and those of the oppressed peoples against imperialism in crisis  and remain firmly united with masse, as they make history.
  Communists must achieve a new unity of the international communist movement  based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and build the international organization that we  need today.

  Imperialism has no future!
  The future belongs to communism!


Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM)
  Communist Party of India (maoist)
  Communist Party of India (ML) Naxalbari
  maoist Communist Party, France
  maoist Communist Party, Italy
  Maoist Communist Party, Turkey and North Kurdistan
  Revolutionary Communist Party, Canada
  Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
  Committee of People’s Struggle „Manolo Bello“, Galicia, Spain
  Maoist Communist Movement in Tunisia


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