Founding Declaration 2002

Founding Declaration of komak-ml, now IA.RKP (Initiative for the Building of a Revolutionary Communist Party ), Austria

We created komak-ml (Communist Action – Marxist-Leninist) on 12 February 2002 in order to consciously tie into the heroic fight of the Austrian working class in February 1934. 68 years have passed since the fighters rose up and  took arms against advancing fascism, despite the betrayal of the reformist social democracy . Thus these men and women laid the foundation for the fight of the partisans and liberty battalions in Austria, against the German-Austrian Nazi fascism.

We created komak-ml on 12 February 2002 in order to present a decisive step on the way to the reestablishment of a revolutionary communist combat party. 35 years have passed since the establishment of the MLPOe (1967), which at the time made a crucial contribution to the continuation of the proletarian revolutionary traditions and the fight of the Marxist-Leninist movement in Austria, despite the unfavorable class warfare situation.

The Foundations of our Fight

As komak-ml (Communist Action – Marxist-Leninist) we place ourselves within the tradition of the international revolutionary and Marxist-Leninist workers movement which, since the collapse of the socialist camp (with the revisionist about-face of China and Albania), has become seriously fragmented.

Our scientific foundation is that of dialectic and historical materialism; the following experiences and teachings form the most important pillars of our political line:

  • the writings of the 1. and 3. International.
  • the construction of socialism in the Soviet Union, in China and Albania.
  • the ideological-political fight of CPSU (B) in the construction of socialism, in particular in the 1920’s and 30’s against Trotzkyism.
  • the class warfare in the 1960’s in China (cultural revolution) and Albania against the development of a new bourgeoisie within the ranks of the communist party.
  • the fight of the KPCh and PoLA in the 1960’s and early 70’s against the revisionism of Khrushchev and Brezhnev.
  • the criticism of the international Marxist-Leninist movement (in particular in the 1960’s and 70’s) of the restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union and its socio-imperialist transformation.
  • the demarcation of the chinese Deng revisionism and the neorevisionism, which want to propagate the socio-imperialist Soviet Union of the 1970er years, as well as today’s China, Korea, Viet Nam or Cuba as socialist models.

We place ourselves within the tradition of the revolutionary workers movement in Austria since the first independent occurrence in the revolutionary year 1848, in particular

  • the revolutionary social-democracy  in the 19th century,
  • the KPOe in the first half of the 20th century, which developed successfully under the influence of the Comintern from 1919-43 and
  • of the MLPOe, which developed in 1963 out of the policy split  within the revisionist KPOe.

We place ourselves within the tradition of the proletarian women’s movement that, beyond the daily fight for the formal equalization, continues the revolutionary fight for the real equalization of the women in a society without exploitation and suppression. Only through socialism can class warfare and anti-patriarchal battle create social conditions that are the precondition for the durable removal of all patriarchal forms.

The Situation Today

We live in the imperialist stage of capitalism, in which a small number of monopolistic-capitalist companies control the economy and the society throughout the world.

There exists no socialist country with which we can identify. The revisionist seizure of power and the end of socialism first in the Soviet Union, then in the PR of China and in the SPR of Albania, have thrown the communist forces a long way back  compared to the situation in the middle of the 20th century.  In certain regards our situation is worse than in the decades after the end of the Paris Commune of 1871, because those Parisian workers suffered a defeat in the armed fight, but the revolutionary spirit was unbroken. Today, however, the large ideological break with the revolutionary tradition of the workers movement represents a serious obstacle for the further development.

At the same time the fundamental contradictions that destroy capitalism in its monopolistic stage of imperialism, and decompose the system from within, continue to work.

  • The contrast between wage work and capital increasingly intensifies the contradictions between the large mass of those who possess only their ability to work and those who acquire the means of production and its values, therefore also determining political and social development to a large extent.
  • The contradiction between the financial oligarchies with their imperialist states on the one hand and the large mass of the economically, militarily, culturally and politically suppressed people in the semi-colonial countries on the other hand, calls for a revolutionary anti-imperialist and/or socialist solution for the future of the workers in the whole world.
  • The contradiction between the imperialist great powers themselves, intensified by the constant advancemeant of the imperialists united at present in the European Union, which increasingly drifts towards a further bloody world war for influence and supremacy on a worldwide scale. All previous successful popular-democratic and socialist revolutions were accomplished in connection with the disorder of the bourgeois rule as a result of large wars. Both in the neocolonies and in the imperialist centers sharp contradictions between imperialists and large wars of the dominant classes favour the possibilities for a revolutionary initiative of the working class and peoples of the world.

It’s true what Lenin stated, that imperialism is the eve of the proletarian revolution. It depends on the organized intervention of communists – if, in the crucial moment, a communist combat party exists to summarize the revolutionary initiative of the working class and the people and lead them to the seizure of political power. komak-ml wants to make the largest possible contribution.

The Situation in Austria

Austria is an imperialist country which ranks, despite its small size, among the dangerous imperialist bandits. Through its membership in the European Union, the Austrian finance oligarchy has become much stronger and also participates with military means in the hunt for extra profits from the exploitation and plundering of suppressed peoples.

In Austria the tradition of the revolutionary fight for workers power and socialism has been buried to a large extent. Concrete political conditions in Austria since 1945 are shaped by the well-established so-called „Social Partnership„, i.e. the combatless subordination of the interests of the working class under the interests of the monopoly capital (this situation has not substantially been modified even by the present particularly aggressive blue-black – rightwing – government). The working class does almost not appear independently in Austria. The crucial obstacle is the labor aristocracy, which consists particularly of the prominent functionaries of the social-democratic system in trade unions, chamber for employees‘ welfare and many further national and semi-national institutions and seeks to prevent each militant working class action. Only if we contest the influence of this thoroughly pro-capitalist upper class that presents itself as the “worker’s representatives” and gain the support of the working classes and militant workers’ groups outside of our direct sphere of influence, can we enforce the interests of the working classes against the resistance of the “Social Partnership”, and arrive at socially relevant political progress.

We are aware at the same time that the future development depends not particularly on us, and that social forces and currents are more effective, aspects upon which we, as a relatively weak group, can exert only small influence.

Accordingly komak-ml puts the emphasis on the gathering and ideological strengthening of the most advanced elements of the working class in Austria, whereby we pay particular attention to the layers of society largely exempt from the influence of the social-democratic management, the „Social Partnership“ ideology and representational politics. We concentrate on the creation of a strong core of communists with strong connections all over Austria and contacts to organizations with similar political positions in Europe and the countries under neocolonial exploitation by Austrian and European Union imperialism.

We assume it will take years until the working class can again militantly intervene in the political situation in Austria. Therefore we must divide our forces and plan all our activities in such a way that we can, on a long-term basis, fulfill our role as a driving force within the workers movement more effectively.

Our Target and the Way There

Our primary target is a social order without classes, without suppression and exploitation. To advance this the working class must build up its own combat party, must conquer the political power in the socialist revolution, must expropriate all means of production, build up a proletarian state and continue class struggle until all remnants of the bourgeois order have disappeared and the state dies.

On the way to socialist revolution we communists must win the majority of the working class for this target, drag along or neutralize the petty-bourgeois intermediate layers, wreck the bourgeois force apparatus and lead the working class to power in an armed rising of the people, supported by a revolutionary general strike.

The revolution is a question of power. The power of the imperialist bourgeoisie is based on force. This power can be smashed only by force in the revolution. The armed fight is not the only form of revolutionary class struggle, but the organized armed fight of the working class and the working masses against the bourgeoisie, the armed rebellion of the working class and the revolutionary civil war are the highest form of the proletarian class struggle. The proletariat and the working masses must be prepared for the carrying-out of the revolution.

The revolutionary force of workers and working masses is directed against the ruling class. Revolution is the deed of the working masses themselves, which are led by an organized avant-garde, and in which the organized avant-garde is a section and their spear-head. Our tactical task is not the preparation of workers and others for the revolutionary civil war, but our major task is at present to create a party-constructing organization.

Unification of the revolutionary communist forces

komak-ml is a union and an expression of the unification of a majority of the Marxist-Leninist forces in Austria, the Communist Action Vienna, the Initiative of Marxists -Leninists and the followers of Bolshevik Partisan in Vienna.

The large theoretical agreement in the crucial questions and the progress in practical co-operation made the establishment of the new revolutionary communist organization possible. At the same time in the common work of the last years it showed itself that an organizational union is necessary, in order to increase the effectiveness of our activities together. At first we concentrated on practical co-operation in action units, then the co-ordination in the revolutionary platform and after a set of theoretical training courses and discussions we have now united in a common organization.

The followers of Bolshevik Partisan (BP) in Vienna have put their emphasis in Austria on the work among immigrants esp. from Northern Kurdistan/Turkey up to the 5th congress of the Bolshevik Party of Northern Kurdistan/Turkey (1994). But since the new adjustment on that 5th Congress they have stressed as the second emphasis the revolutionary class struggle in the country which is their center of living. As a result of this they rendered important support work for the two other organizations involved and took part in all activities of the revolutionary platform starting from 2000.

The Initiative of Marxists-Leninists (IML) emerged in 1994/95 and has up to now in particular written and distributed fundamental leaflets with mainly propagandistic contents at industrial companies in Vienna and Lower Austria, has offered theoretical training courses on fundamental writings of Marxism-Leninism, organized a distribution center of Marxist-Leninist literature and participated in important political actions.

The Communist Action Vienna (KomAk) originated in 1998 in a conscious break with the revisionist forces of the KJOe and KPOe (Communist Youth and Party of Austria, resp.) and has lately put its emphasis on the publication of the „Proletarische Rundschau“ (Proletarian Review) and the organizing of younger activists by offensive intervening in political actions.

We openly state that the unification is incomplete, and important Marxist-Leninist forces are still organized and active outside of komak-ml. So far we did not succeed in including the MLPOe (Marxist-Leninist Party of Austria, Red Flag) in the unification process. Although the militant workers movement in Austria was already in massive decline when the MLPOe was founded too late, the MLPOe has performed a lasting political and theoretical work in the 20th century with its „Red Flag“. Since its 3rd Party Congress 1981 it has had to reduce its tasks as a leading force ever further. It concentrated particularly on the publication of the Red Flag and it did not any longer succeed in adapting itself to the new practical-organizational demands in the process of building up the party. That is also the most important reason why two of the groups now united in komak-ml developed organizationally separately from the MLPOe.

Referring to other forces oriented at revolutionary communism, we frankly explain our readiness and intention of contributing in a suitable form to a closer co-operation in order to bring the Marxist-Leninist movement in Austria forward as a a whole. In this longer process towards a further unification of the Marxist-Leninist forces in Austria, it will be necessary for these groups to differentiate themselves from the others more clearly, and to initiate open discourse on these differences.

Contrary to Social Patriots we stress the self-sufficiency of the Austrian imperialism and its importance as the main enemy of the Austrian working class, even in the fight against the EU and the German imperialism.

Contrary to Revisionists and Neorevisionists we insist on the condemnation of Brezhnev revisionism and Soviet-Russian Social Imperialism; we stress the emergence of the new bourgeoisie and restoration of capitalism from within the communist party, esp. by the false handling of internal contradictions in the process of building up socialism.

Contrary to democratic workers associations from Turkey and Northern Kurdistan we stress the necessity for the mobilization and organizing all sections of the working class in Austria for the class struggle and the socialist revolution in Austria.

We are separated from honest forces oriented at Marx, Engels and Lenin within and around various Trotzkyite and similar groupings in particular by the following differences:

  • our conscious publicising of the theoretical and practical progress and achievements with the building up of socialism in the Soviet Union during the times of Lenin and Stalin.
  • our emphasis on the necessity for the seizure of power by force and establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat as the first step towards the transformation of the social order.
  • our propagating of the neo-democratic revolution and the anti-imperialist and agrarian-revolutionary people’s war in neocolonial countries with large rural population.

Focal Points of our Activities

As revolutionary communists we understand ourselves to be part of the international workers movement and a propelling class-conscious part of the Austrian working class.

The next tasks in building up the party

Although we do not yet understand ourselves as a party-building organization, komak-ml will set regular steps for the reconstruction of a revolutionary communist combat organization. In addition we must still analyse and examine in more depth the past attempts, in particular the work and experiences of the two different party-building  organizations “ Marxists-Leninists of Austria “ (MLOe) in the middle of the 1960’s and „Communist League of Austria“ (KB) in the 1970’s.

Class struggle and spontaneous militant activities of workers is so weakly developed in the Austria of today that revolutionary communist cadres, i.e. the forces upon which a party-building organization must be based, can only develop rudimentarily and prove useful.

Our next organizational task is the creation of a party-building organization, which is strong and anchored enough to start the construction of a avant-garde party of the working class. Only this communist party can seriously fulfill the tasks for which communists unite: gathering of the masses, conquest of political power, establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat and turning of all social conditions. In order to advance we concentrate on the gathering of the most advanced forces for the ideological-political building of party, whereby we engage in action alliances and action units with other movements fighting against certain appearances of capitalism and its effects, in order to advance the expulsion of bourgois lackeys out of the peoples movements and the isolation of the labor aristocracy in the companies by oppositional trade union work and action committees.

Thereby we put a special emphasis on the political work with working class women and with working class immigrants.

Our main points of work

In our activities komak-ml will place special attention on the development of their work within those areas which have priority for the reconstruction of a communist combat party in Austria. We will continue now together to strengthen the emphasis on the main points of the past work of the groups involved, i.e. in particular:

  • the publication of monthly handbills with fundamental contents and a predominantly propagandistic character and their distribution particularly to workers within large-scale industry,
  • the publication of the quarterly newspaper Proletarische Rundschau („Proletarian Review“) and its distribution at industrial companies, in working-class areas and at demonstrations,
  • the regular studying of classical writings of Marxist-Leninist thought and theoretical discussions of current problems of the class struggle,
  • the concentration on activites with industrial workers, with special efforts for the activation of working class women and working class immigrants,
  • the preparation of systematic activities among the working youth and in the factory and trade union area.

Seize the crucial – learn from errors

With consideration of the fact that we can unfold no extensive communist organization activity with our current forces we have some criteria for our present work:

  • In our all public activites we turn primarily to the most conscious sections of the working class (and not to the petty-bourgeois left movement, because our main task is not winning students or enticing away politically active people, but creating and developing strong connections within the working class. Currently there is also not the urgent necessity to organize the fight for the daily needs of the masses of the workers and by this way further advance revolutionary mass actions).
  • In our publications we above all work out the revolutionary political line (instead of giving as much as information as possible about events and developments, which are also spread by other forces in various publications).
  • In our public activities we concentrate on revolutionary propaganda, because as Lenin stressed, socialist consciousness must be carried into the working class, because spontaneously it develops only a unionist/syndicalist consciousness. Thus we limit our agitation at present to selected, currently burning problems, esp. where action alliances and action units with other forces are possible.
  • In the party-building process we concentrate on the ideological building up of a communist core (instead of on a mere gathering of revolutionary activists, because better co-ordination is not our primary goal, but the setting of the foundation for a revolutionary communist combat party is.)

Forward with the fight for the socialist revolution! Forward with the building of a revolutionary communist combat organization!

With the unification of the 3 groups and the establishment of komak-ml we cannot make enormous leaps, but we can continue our past work under clearly more favorable organizational conditions. Concerning the practical activities on the outside, there will above all be strengthened contacts to workers in different enterprises and to forces in further parts of Austria. By using the advantage of better planning in a common organization we will create the internal conditions so our work will become more structured, more purposeful and so more effective.

For the improvement of our daily work we want to set clear emphasis on certain issues, whereby we also always aim at the inclusion of close activists – both with theoretical discussions and in the agit-prop and other practical tasks. For politically aligned people that means that we consider the work of our new organization open to activists who fight for the same goals as we, even if they are not ready to organize themselves with us.

We call upon all groups and individuals in Austria that sympathize with our words and our deeds to take up contact with us in order to advance the co-ordination of activities, the political debate and the mutual support of Marxist-Leninist forces.

Form revolutionary communist study and activist circles in your work-place and your living area!

Accepted by the unification and founding conference of
Communist Action – Marxist-Leninist (komak-ml)
Vienna 12th Feb.2002

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